Andrew Gadd (b. 1968)

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Andrew Gadd

Andrew Gadd

London - b. 1968

Andrew Gadd’s talent encompass the straightforward still-life and portrait but range more happily towards the allegorical. He frequently embarks upon large and complex figure paintings, sometimes interiors, others set in a landscape, of exalted scale and ambition. He has developed a formidable battery of artistic strategies and devices to realize his ends. Timing and placement, movement and stasis, lighting and concentration – all are crucial ways in which Gadd rises to the challenges he sets himself.


<i>Girl on a Tram</i> Oil on canvas 38 x 28 ins, (96.52 x 71.12 cms)
<i>Evening Reading</i> Oil on canvas 34 x 34 ins, (86.36 x 86.36 cms)
<i>She Becambe Lighter Than Air</i> Oil on canvas 60 x 50 ins, (152.40 x 127.00 cms)
<i>Edwin’s House</i> ink & acrylic on paper 60 x 55 cms,
<i>The Discovery of the Giant Tree Bark</i> ink & acrylic on paper 76 x 55 cms,
<i>A Thousand Books in the Darkness</i> ink & acrylic on paper 74 x 56 cms,
<i>Diagram 8 The Life Death Maze</i> ink & acrylic on paper 76 x 55 cm,



1985-1987 Chelsea School of Art
1987-1990 Falmouth School of Art
1990-1993 Royal Academy Schools

1993-1994 Mall Galleries
1995 Agnew’s
1996-1997 Mall Galleries
1998 Agnew’s
2000 Posteria Galleria, Milan
2002 Agnew’s
2006 Agnew’s
2008 Gallery 27
2008 Churches Advertising Network
2010 Agnew’s

1992 Waterman Fine Art
1993-1994 Paton Gallery
Royal Academy fo Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
1996-1997 Mall Galleries
Gallery 27
National Portrait Gallery, London
The Raw Gallery, New York
1998 Agnew’s
2000 Galleria Forni, Bologna
2004 Bologna
2007 Agnew’s