Painting for the English Tea Rooms, Brown's Hotel

Francis Hamel has built an international reputation for his landscape paintings as well as his finely structured, formal compositions of trees and flowers. Born in 1963 and trained at The Ruskin School of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, Francis Hamel has lived and worked on the Rousham Estate in Oxfordshire for more than twenty years. Designed by William Kent, the house and gardens of Rousham have been a constant source of inspiration in his work, evident not only in the paintings of his surroundings, but from what he learned from Kent about the connections that exist between gardens and the landscape in which they sit. The exploration of these links has latterly taken Hamel to Italy to paint the formal Italian gardens of Tuscany and Umbria, as well as the wilder landscapes of Le Marche where the artist now has a home.  This exhibition of work at Brown’s Hotel, presents a group of recent paintings that encompass the wide scope of Francis Hamel’s work, from English and Italian landscapes to his carefully composed flower and tree studies.

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