—Makiko Nakamura – place

15-30 October 2010

Nakamura's paintings start with a regular series of painted grids applied across the canvas. The simple structure of squares remain a constant presence throughout her lengthy working process, as she applies layer after layer of oil paint across the surface before turning back into the painting, sanding down into earlier colours until reaching the grids and lines that form the architecture of each composition.

The passage of time is therefore transformed into a central motif in all Nakamura's work. Examining the intricate surfaces of paint, the layers of colour become a record of the slow progress of their construction, each a separate idea that surfaces momentarily before disappearing back into the grid. From within her highly disciplined, almost systematic approach to painting, Nakamura finds memories and experiences that create an intense personal poetry and occasionally alluded to in her
writings and titles: the voices of the winds, a frame in a film, a call from a dark beach, hardness of a fingernail, an abandoned wish, a piano melody and the footfalls in an evening.
Makiko Nakamura's new exhibition, place brings together the work from a two year period. Predominantly working in shades of black and off-white, the fascination of her painting derives from the enormous range of textures and tones she is able to develop within the painted surface. Yet perhaps Nakamura's unique achievement as an artist is her ability to create such powerful emotions from within the formal, almost minimalist, precision of her painting process.