I extend my experience and enjoyment of the world by making artworks. This invariably results in chaos and sometimes in an acceptable order, which can be called painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, or photography; generically speaking, an artwork. Artworks for me are about mark making, drawn, painted, scratched, gouged, flooded, scrubbed, stuck, dried or dusted. The mark is paramount whether accidental or deliberate and is recognised as primarily an attempt to convey the accident of passion before the secondary concerns of deliberate representation or composition.


Drawing comes first, but photography is often the most immediate form of mark making being instant and comprehensive in trapping the ephemeral for subsequent exploration. I make work, which is about objects or marks on surfaces; my main area of interest is in the aftermath of human intervention in nature. This can be as direct as looking at a beach at low tide or as indirect as using astronaut's photographs of the earth from space. It can be as indirect as the residue of history or the discoveries of science. "External and internal scanning of the world", as Robert Motherwell said, "in which, finally, the subject is not the world but the artwork itself", which may in turn extend the viewers experience and enjoyment of the world.  Philip Maltman

Selected Works


Born Scotland 1950

Studied Hornsey College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art & Design


Selected Exhibitions


1975 Angela Flowers Small is Beautiful.

1978 One Man Battersea Arts Centre. 

1978 One Man Glasgow Print Studio.

1978 Aberbach Fine Art London

1979 One Man Bede Gallery Jarrow

1985 3 X 14 Bernard Jacobson.

1985 Contemporary Art Society Art Market.

1989 London Group.

1996 2 Person Clink Wharf Gallery London with Katy English.

1998 2 Person Maclaurin Art Gallery Ayr with Katy English.

1998 Cheltenham Open Drawing Competition.

1999 Cheltenham Open Drawing Competition.

2000  Cheltenham Open Drawing Competition.

99-00 John Moores Contemporary Painting 21.

2001 One Man mac Birmingham.

2001 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

2002 ContemporaryArt Society Art Market.

2002 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

2003 Hunting Group Art Prizes.

2003 One Man Piers Feetham Gallery, London.

2004 One Man Bank Restaurant, Westminster, RA Summer Exhibition

2006 Clarion Contemporary Art, London.

2007 Open studio. World Series begun.

2008 FORM Art Fair. William Angel Gallery. Rowley Gallery, London

2009 Rowley Gallery, Pavilion Café Dulwich Park, Open Studio.

2009 Selected by Rebecca Wilson Saatchi Online top 10 artists.

2009 Winner of the Major London Group Award. London Group Menier Gallery. 

2010 Rowley Gallery, Pavilion Cafe Dulwich Festival

2010  Shortlisted John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Gallery, Liverpool, UK

2010 Shortlisted National Art Competition Chichester UK

2011 Rowley Gallery Poussin Paintings

2011 Venus + Demarco + Beuys - Demarco Trust Edinburgh

2012 Urmson-Burnett Gallery, Salisbury Yarty Valley paintings

2012 Art Dog Artists Open House Dulwich Festival

2012 Battersea, Bristol, Bloomsbury and Hampstead Affordable Art Fairs

2012 Open Studio December.

2013 One Man, Sutton Gallery, Edinburgh

2013 Royal Scottish Academy Nov.13 - Jan 14

2015 Jane Newbery London

2015 Affordable Art Fait with ArtDog and Lopez-Grey

2016 Oak Leaf Fall 3 at 20 Red Lion Street

2016 Unexpected Landscapes / Paesaggi Inattesi Atelier97 Arte Contemporanea La Spezia Italy

2018 Rise Art Prize Finalists Exhibition at House of Vans London

2018 Jane Newbery London

2018 Deluge paintings at Vintner’s Place with Artful

2018 Open Studio Dulwich Festival

2018 Five paintings at Vintner’s Place with Artful

2019 Commission with Studio Ashby, London

2019 Joins 508 Gallery Chelsea, London

2020 Solo Show 508 Gallery Chelsea 

2021 Amy Dury & Philip Maltman Rise Art Soho

2021 -22 A Generous Space at Hasings Contmporary

2022 Mountain Gate Gallery Telluride Colorado

2022 Jane Newbery London March April

2022 508 Gallery London June

2022 John Martin Gallery London Mixed Show “From Coast to Country”

2022 All Saints Church, October.

2022 3 Paintings for Hudson & Mercer at New Eidyn, Edinburgh

2022 - 23 Alan Kluckow Fine Art Sunningdale Berkshire Winter Exhibition

2023 January Chelsea Arts Club

2023 January HINTERLAND John Martin at Cromwell Place

2023 Sisters by Sudio Ashby Solo show.