“Vitality and intelligence radiate from the personages he depicts, most usually serious beings, slightly bemused, communing gently with the onlooker. Even when they look at you, there is never challenge in the engagement – quiet and inwardly powerful, they keep their solemn distance, even when smiling. His works present that vision of wholeness, to be achieved in art however fugitive in actual life.”

Professor Henry Walton

Genadii Gogoliuk was born in Sholkhov, Rostov Oblast, Russia in 1960. He studied at the Lugansk art school in the Ukraine and later at the St Petersburg Academy of Art. He worked for several years with the Kirov Theater (now the Mariinskii Theatre) in St Petersburg. He has exhibited work in Finland, Denmark, Germany (Kunstforum, Bonn, 1992 and Heimatmuseum, Burgeln 1993) as well as a joint exhibition at the Russian Museum, St Petersburg (1995). More recently, Gennadii was guest artist at the Arts Festival in Macerata, Italy (2008).


Since relocating to Edinburgh in 1998 he has exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Society of Scottish Artists. In 2000 he received the Maud Gemmell Hutchison Prize at the Royal Scottish Academy. The artist’s first solo exhibition was held at John Martin in April 2001 and he has exhibited with the gallery regularly since then as well as in numerous international and group shows. His work is held in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  A retrospective of his painting and performances, ‘Zero-Sixty’ was held in 2020 on the occasion of his 60th birthday, accompanied by further texts about his early career in St Petersburg (download a copy below).


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Selected Works

Solo Exhibition

2020 Zero Sixty, John Martin Gallery, London
2016 One of Many Worlds, John Martin Gallery, London
2015 Heavenly Flowers and Creatures, John Martin Gallery, London
2013 Waiting for You, John Martin Gallery, London
2011 Shooting Peacocks is Easy, John Martin Gallery, London
2010 Winged Man, ,Theatre Performance, Volkov International Theatre Festival, Yaroslavl
2009 Gennadii Gogoliuk, The Scotland-Russia Institute, Edinburgh
2009 New Mythology ,Theatre Performance with Tatiana Khabarova and Teatro della Comunita, directed by Marco di Stefano, 40th National Theatre Festival, Lauro Rossi Theatre, Macerata, Italy
2009 A Thousand and One Mornings, John Martin Gallery, London
2007 Silver Threads, John Martin Gallery, London
2006 Pursuing the Ideal, John Martin Gallery, London
2005 Waves of Time, John Martin Gallery, London
2003 On the Edge of Things, John Martin Gallery, London
1993 Exhibition, Heimatmuseum, Burgeln, Germany


Group Exhibitions

2019 The Winter Show, John Martin Gallery, London
2011 Arte Fiera, John Martin Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2010 ART ATHINA, John Martin Gallery, Greece2009 London Art Fair, with John Martin Gallery, London
2008 Art London, with John Martin Gallery, London
2007 Art London, with John Martin Gallery, London
2006 In to the Jungle – A Homage to Rousseau, John Martin Gallery, London
2004 The Stuff of Magic, John Martin Gallery, London
2000 RSA Annual exhbition, Edinburgh. Awarded Maud Gemmell Hutchinson Prize
1999 Society of Scottish Artists annual exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Visual Arts Show, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
1998 Joint exhibition, Bellevue Gallery
1996 GAM – performance by three artists, Baltic Theatre, St Petersburg
Performance, The First Exhibition of the Cow (named in honour of the artist K Korovin Central Park of Culture, St Petersburg
Third Biennial Exhibition of St Petersburg Artists, Manege Exhibition Halls, St Petersburg
1995 Joint exhibition of Russian artists, Modern Art Section, Russian Museum, St Petersburg
1994 Frozen Pictures – installation, Ship of Arts Project, Stubnitz, Rostok, Germany
1993 Frog – performance as part of Three Nights Event, Slava Polunin’s Academy of Fools Theatre Centre, St Petersburg
1992 Ascent into Mindlessness, performance as part of 15 St Petersburg Artists, Kunstforum, Bonn, Germany
Reflexio, Tut I Tam group, St Petersburg
Beating Rembrandt – performance as part of Garderop, Manege Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg
1991 Festival of Arts, Aarhus, Denmark
1990 Joint exhibition of international artists, Turku, Finland
1989 Joint exhibition of St Petersburg Artists, Union of Artists, St Petersburg
1988 White Nights in Leningrad, Union of Artists, Leningrad
1987 All-Union, Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1986 Exhibition of ‘unofficial’ artists, Baltic Theatre, Leningrad


Prizes and competitions

2001 Noble Grossart Painting Prize, shortlisted artist, Lloyds TSB Headquarters, Edinburgh and Glasgow College of Art
2000 Maud Gemmell Hutchison Prize, Royal Scottish Academy