The locations forming the basis for my work are mainly those that featured in my childhood, places visited or those that are re-imagined. Capturing a sense of place is an important aspect to each piece; alluding to an atmosphere in which I explore the presence of absence. The depicted scenes can be a fusion of multiple places, creating somewhere believable but ultimately never an exact setting, populated by objects that suggest human interaction and originate from my wider interests, sport being a prime example.


Born in 1995 and raised in South-West Scotland, David Rae Studied Painting at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen between 2013 and 2017. Following his degree show he was selected to show in the 2018 RSA New Contemporaries where he won both the Walter Scott and the David and June Gordon memorial trust awards.


             Rae is part of a growing interest in the possibility of unspoken narratives through the use of realism and subtraction. Rae’s paintings offer a remarkable sense of space through the realistic rendition of textures and perspective and behind this curtain of reality the figureless, empty spaces suggest an uneasy absence. The resulting imagery has connotations of an unfinished story or a hidden truth, a simple device to incite curiosity. Rae’s work suggestively imitates the beauty of human and natural environments while maintaining a perspicuous stillness which is both disquieting and analytical.

Selected Works
Grays School of Art 2013 - 2017
BA (Hons) Painting with First class Honours
Solo Exhibitions
2019   'The Games that took over' - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow         
Group Exhibitions
2022 Bath St Inaugural exhibition - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2022 Football Art Prize - Touchstones, Rochdale
2022 RSA Annual Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2021 SURGE - Tatha Gallery, Dundee
 2021 Summer Postcards - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow     
 2021 RSA Annual Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2020 RSA Annual Exhibition -   Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh        
 2020 2020 Vision - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
 2019   SSA/VAS Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
 2019   Summer Exhibition 2019 - Royal Academy, London
 2018   Postcard Show - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
 2018   Elemental - Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2018   Open 2018 - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh       
2018   RSA New Contemporaries - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
 2018   VAS & SSA Together - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
 2018   FBA Futures Exhibition - Mall Galleries, London  
  2017   New Faces - Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
2017   New Generation show - Compass Gallery, Glasgow
 2017   Grays School of Art Degree Show - Aberdeen
2017   Painters Pre-Degree show - Edinburgh Palette, Edinburgh
  2017   Whatever Sticks - Grays School of Art, Tallinn, Estonia
  2017    Stuffed Gallery - Newave Gallery, Aberdeen
 2016    Rapid - Grays School of Art. Vienna, Austria
 2015    Skotsko - Grays School of Art. Skopje, Macedonia      
 Awards/ Prizes
 2018   The Walter Scott Award - RSA New Contemporaries
2018    David and June Gordon Memorial Trust award - RSA New Contemporaries
 2017   R.G.U Heritage Purchase award.
 2017   Highly commended, BP fine art award
  Robert Gordon University Art and Heritage Collections
 Walter Scott & Partners (3 pieces)