'She watches as the world is tested and explored. The young figures who stand at the edge of the lake, take in the sun, or stand at a threshold are real moments seen and noted, but as they are distilled onto the surface of the panel they feel familiar to us too.'  Charlotte Verity

Heidrun Rathgeb was born in 1967 in southern Germany. She studied painting in London at the Slade School of Fine Art (MFA) 1996-99 and the Byam Shaw School of Art (1993-96). After a year and a half of living and painting on Dartmoor she decided to move back to southern Germany. Since 2001 she has lived with her family in a remote farmhouse close to Lake Constance and the Alps, using two studios, one for painting and one for printmaking. From her copious sketchbooks which chronicle her environment and daily life, Heidrun develops small, intimate paintings using egg tempera on gesso panels. Heidrun has been awarded several artist residencies in Scotland (Isle of Lewis), Denmark and Norway.


'I paint in egg tempera, a medium I always prefered to oil painting for its glowing colours and shorter drying time. It allows me to work in layers.  The small lime wood  panels are cut to the size of my sketchbooks, primed in several layers of gesso then sanded to an ivory-like surface. I paint holding the panels in my hand as I Iike feeling the object itself. There are always several paintings on the go. This helps me see what a painting needs and gives me courage to make more radical changes without ever getting too precious about its parts. I feel my paintings have to be in flux, in constant danger of getting ruined, reworked, re-found until they eventually stop and maybe take on their own life. '  Heidrun Rathgeb


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Selected Works

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Nordic Lights, John Martin Gallery, London

2018 Kloster Sießen, Torhaus Gallerie, Bad Saulgau

2003 Beldam Gallery, Brunel University Uxbridge

2001 Glyndebourne Opera, England

2000 Deborah Bates Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Sweden

2021 Preview, John Martin Gallery, London

2021 Oliver Projects, London

2021 mothflower.com

2020 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2018 – 2020 Browse & Darby Gallery, London

2019 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2017 Kloster Hegne, Bodensee

2014 Art Capsule Gallery, London

2010 Travel Exhibition with Francis Hoyland in Berlin, Halle, Marburg

2008 – 2013 Browse & Darby Gallery, London

2000 Orchard Gallery, Mall Galleries, London

2000 Stephen Lacey Gallery, London

1999 The Slade School, MFA show

1999 Duncan Terrace Gallery, London

1997 Student’s Interpretations, National Gallery, London

1997 Art Next Gallery, London

1995 Galerie Mitten, Wasserburg

Artist in Residence (AiR) / touring residencies

2021 AiR KH Messen, Norway

2020 AiR Kulturhaus Vemb, West Jütland, Danmark

2019 AiR Künstlerh.user Worpswede, Germany

2019 AiR Bhaltos Trust Residency, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

2017 Wales, Offa’s Dyke

2014 Scotland, Isle of Skye, walking and drawing across the Island

2003 Paris, studying Corot and Chardin

2002 Barcelona Montjuik, study of medieval mosaics

1997 Tuscany, Italy, three months study of Etruscan and Sienese Art

1994 Ladakh, Indian Himalayas, crossing the Himalayas on foot for three months and drawing / painting

1993 Ladakh, Indian Himalayas, crossing the Himalayas on foot for three months and drawing / painting


1996 Slade School of Fine Art, MFA, London

1999 Master of Fine Art

1993 Byam Shaw School of Art, London

1996 Byam Shaw Diploma of Fine Art

1991 UTS School of Design, Sydney

1987 Fachhochschule Wiesbaden; Design