Martin Finnin (b. 1968)

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Martin Finnin

Martin Finnin

Limerick - b. 1968

Born Limerick, 1968
Lives and works in Co. Cork

Built up in layers of sometimes thin washes, sometimes dense areas of pigment, Martin’s paintings sit at the far end of the spectrum of abstraction. Strange yet somehow familiar forms and shapes populate the richly worked canvases creating a playful but finely balanced world of colour and form.

Martin Finnin keeps a remarkable and insightful blog on his website that’s is worth the time it takes to read it. Supplemented with more images, videos and information. Have a look here


<i>Salt of the Earth with Blue</i> 2017 oil on canvas 40 x 36 ins, (101.5 x 91.5 cm)
<i>The Marriage of Mechanical Pollen</i> 2017 oil on canvas 48 x 72 ins, (123 x 183 cms)
<i>Untitled but Unique</i> 2016 oil on linen 31½ x 31½ ins, 80 x 80 cms
<i>Collecting Shapes After a Storm</i> 2016 oil on linen 47¼ x 70¾ ins, 120 x 180 cms
<i>The Tragedy of Romantic Diagrams</i> 2015/16 oil on linen 47¼ x 70¾ ins, 120 x 180 cms
<i>Then the Horizon Asks To Rent Some Blue</i> 2016 oil on linen 47¼ x 70¾ ins, 120 x 180 cms
<i>Letters From a Firefly</i> 2016 Oil on Linen 59 x 39¼ ins,
<i>A Plum Listens to the Chaos of Thunder</i> 2016 Oil on Linen 47¼ x 39¼ ins,
<i>There are no Fullstops in Heaven</i> 2016 Oil on Linen 57 x 88½ ins,
<i>Heaven and Hell Bear no Grudge Against Passing Yellows</i> 2016 Oil on Canvas 57 x 88½ ins,
<i>Hunt for the Modern</i> Oil on Canvas 40 x 47 ins,
<i>The Fruits of Fair Game</i> Oil on canvas 47¼ x 70 ins, (120.02 x 178.00 cms)
<i>The Wolf Of Eyelash Mountain</i> Oil on canvas 48 x 70¾ ins, (122.02 x 180.01 cms)
<i>The Longest Life Span of Blue</i> Oil on canvas 60 x 48 ins, (152.48 x 122.07 cms)
<i>Low-Fat Pink Climbing An Olive Tree</i> Oil on canvas 47¼ x 59 ins, (120.02 x 150.01 cms)
<i>Flight Of The Florentine Cube</i> Oil on canvas 47¼ x 70 ins, (120.02 x 178.00 cms)
<i>The God of the High Waves</i> Oil on canvas 60 x 48 ins, (152.40 x 121.92 cms)


Solo Exhibitions

2016 The Garden of Opposites, John Martin Gallery, London
2015 The Wolf of Eyelash Mountain, John Martin Gallery, London
2014 Renegade Amongst the Dusty Nouns, John Martin Gallery Chelsea, London
2012 Dust, Dots and a Day in the Maze, John Martin Gallery, London
2010 49 Ox Hides and a Lump of Faith, John Martin Gallery, London
2009 (Hairy hearts of heroes), Origin Gallery, Dublin
2008 Turn the Lemon Page, Cill Rialig Arts Centre, Ballinskelligs, Kerry
2007 A snippet from the seventh soup, Vangard Gallery, Cork
2006 The world is blue like an orange, New Urban Retreat Gallery, Dublin
2005 Stepping out of the stream of time, Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
2005 Life beyond the hedge, Cill Rialaig Art Centre, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry
2005 A miracle outside the window, Form Gallery, London
2003 The Marching Hugs, Origin Gallery, Dublin
2003 Meanwhilea foreign land, Vangard Gallery, Cork
2003 The origins of optimism, Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
2002 Songs of a recluse, Vangard Gallery, Cork
2002 In Fall, Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin; Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
2002 Vermont Studio Gallery, Vermont
2001 A subtle consolation of existance, Vangard Gallery, Cork
1997 The Big Picture, Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
1997 Forest of Banquets, Tig Filí Gallery, Cork
1996 Spionza, Blackcombe Gallery, Cork
1995 Triskel Art Centre, Cork
1995 Ivory Tower Restaurant, Cork
1994 Jo Rain Gallery, Dublin
1994 Art Hive, Cork
1993 Blackcombe Gallery, Cork
1991 Lost Boys Coffee Shop, Harlem, Holland
1991 Everyman Palace, Cork
1990 Iveagh Markets, Dublin
1988 La Galleria Lucierna, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Group Exhibitions

2018 London Art Fair, London
2017 Summer Exhibition, John Martin Gallery, London
2015 Summer Exhibition, John Martin Gallery Chelsea, London
2013 Art13 , Olympia Exhibition Centre, London
2013 Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy
2012 Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada
2009 Jack Donovan and Martin Finnin, Printmakers Gallery, Limerick
2008 Killarney Gallery, Killarney, Dublin
2007 Art London, John Martin Gallery, London
2007 Colourfields, an driocht, Dublin
2006 Art London, John Martin Gallery, London
2006 Royal Hibernian Academy (Summer Show)
2006 Cill Rialaig Arts Centre, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry
2005 Tribute to Beckett, Vangard Gallery, Cork
2004/2005 The People’s Gallery, Cork
2003 Myth and Magic, Lavit Gallery, Cork
2002 RHA Annual Exhibition, RHA Gallagher
2001 Iontas 2001, Sligo Art Gallery; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
2000 Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
2000 Tom Climent, Martin Finnin, Brian Smyth, Lavit Gallery, Cork
1998 Sense of Cork, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

Awards and Residencies

2009 Dedaldo Art Competition, Tuscany
2008 Cill Rialig Art Centre, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry (artist’s residency; also 2005, 2006)
2004 Dedaldo Art Competition, Tuscany (also 2005,2006; 1st prize, 2004)
2002 Cill Rialaig Art Centre, Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry (artist’s residency; also 2005, 2006)
2002 Vermont Studio Center, USA(painting scholarship)
1998 Department of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Relations Committee Award)
1998 Vermont Studio Center, USA (fellowship award)
1998 Nominated by Crawford Art Gallery for Glen Dimplex
1995 Sense of Cork, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork (prizewinner)
1995 An Chomhairle Ealaion / The Arts Council bursaries (studio rental, 1995, 2001; materials grant, 1997, 2001; Artflight, 1996)


Renegade Amongst the Dusty Nouns