Long Ago and Far Away: Rory Carnegie

21 April - 20 May 2016

Most strangers that want to belong try to blend in. These birds and animals stand out, by virtue of their beauty, incongruity and attitude. Very obviously present, they are also detached from their surroundings. Each one lingers in the memory, but changes every time you look at it. Our worlds are made of things we know, understand and cherish, but also of experiences which are novel, confronting and puzzling. The world has existed for so long and our perception of it is so short, that we cannot discount the possibility of a sifaka silhouetted against a mountain or a rhino pawing the meadow somewhere near us. Imagining such possibilities is the first step in accepting, and indeed celebrating, the new, the surprising, the amusing and the disconcerting. All of these qualities are evident in this marvelous exhibition of photographs by Rory Carnegie.

Installation Views