Recent Paintings: Mario Lobedan

10 October - 11 November 2022

‘Sometimes I flatter the images, and sometimes I punch him in the face ... and most of the time they hit back! ... I have lost good paintings: I did not see that I had reached the final state. I got furious and stupid and went and lost it, then I have to build it again.’.

Mario Lobedan was born in Magdeburg, East Germany in 1961. After National Service he studied librarianship in Leipzig before taking up painting in his early twenties, working alone and eventually winning a place at the Leipzig Academy in 1989.  After the formal, classical training of the Academy, the next ten years saw Lobedan’s painting evolving towards abstraction. This exhibition, the first to be held outside Germany, follows the development of the artist’s work from that moment with a survey of paintings and drawings made over the last fifteen years.

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