The Grammar of Clouds: Martin Finnin

26 April - 26 May 2023
 The process of painting has its initial dance steps, layering, adding and washing out shapes but with sculpture it was very different, I had no idea at all what to do - Martin Finnin, 2023

Martin Finnin's new exhibition, The Grammar of Clouds, brings together paintings from the last two years alongside four sculptures begun in 2021 and recently completed. Over the last twenty years, Finnin has evolved a highly distinctive approach to abstraction in which forms exist in their own space as if floating in a measurable void. To switch from this imaginative space to three-dimensional sculpture proved such a significant step for the artist, that he took the decision to work on them in isolation from his painting, moving to Italy without any painting materials, so he could simply focus on the demands of this new medium. As such they form a very distinct and separate body of work


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