Mark I’Anson

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Mark I’Anson

Mark I’Anson

Mark I’Anson was born in Glasgow in 1968. He studied at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, from 1988-1992 and has since worked full time as a painter. Whether his source material is from life, found photographs or a combination of both, the starting point and foundation of all his pictures is drawing. Mixing pencil work with translucent glazes of paint he produces evocative and compelling paintings.

Since 1994, Mark has had eighteen solo exhibitions in London, Scotland and Canada, including two solo touring exhibitions; ‘The Dream Team’ with the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2003/4 and ‘Drifter’ with the Highland Council and the Scottish Fisheries Museum in 2006.

In 2008, Mark focussed on a group of paintings relating to the history of Arsenal FC, in conjunction with Thackeray Gallery and the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, which was then exhibited at the Emirates Stadium. It was a complete sell out.

Mark’s work can be found in several Public Collections, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and is owned by numerous Private Collectors in the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe.   His work can also be found in Corporate Collections in London, Scotland and Canada.


<i>paper doll (rust belt radicals)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper on card 24 x 40 x 8 cm ,
<i>paper doll (jv)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper on card 27 x 14 x 7 cm ,
<i>paper doll (protest)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper on board 23 x 14 cm ,
<i>paper doll (hoisted high)</i> 2018 acrylic on board 26 x 32.5 cm,
<i>marching to a promised utopia</i> 2018 acrylic on paper 107 x 144 cm,
<i>double eviction</i> 2018 acrylic on paper 53 x 46 cm each panel,
<i>disciple (fb)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper 130 x 83 cm,
<i>disciple (dw)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper 130 x 83 cm,
<i>disciple (cjv)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper  130 x 83 cm,
<i>disciple (jcc)</i> 2018 acrylic on paper 130 x 83 cm,
<i>Study for Disciple (dw)</i> 2016 Acrylic on paper 9½ x 7 ins,
<i>Braw Lads (Barnsley Boys)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper each panel 9 x 6½ ins,
<i>A Put Upon Saint</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 7 x 5 ins,
<i>Just Passing Through</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 13 x 12 ins,
<i>Career Opportunities (AN)</i> 2016 Acrylic on paper 55 x 66 cms,
<i>Flag Day – Triptych</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper   Each  panel  92 x 72 cms,
<i>Balancing Act</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper  43 x 34  cms,
<i>Career Opportunities (Apprentice)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 55 x 66 cms,
<i>Career Opportunities (JW)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 55 x 66 cms,
<i>Braw Lads Diptych</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 316 x 208 cms,
<i>Icarus (Ideas above your station) 2016</i> 2016 73 x 55 cms,
<i>Career Opportunities (Long Haul)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 60 x 66 cms,
<i>Promised Land (JD)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 73 x 55 cms,
<i>Promised Land II</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 73 x 55 cms,
<i>Career Opportunities (IEW)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 55 x 66 cms,
<i>Career Opportunities (Anything Goes)</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 56 x 65 cms,
<i>Aeroplane Girl, Bicycle Boy</i> 2016 Acrylic on Paper 140 x 180 cms,


Solo Exhibitions

2017. Blurring the Lines. John Martin Gallery. London.
2016. Drawing  for a revolution and a laugh. Arusha Gallery. Edinburgh.
2012. Coalition Blues. Open Eye Gallery. Edinburgh.
2009. Dividing Lines. Thackeray Gallery. London.
2008. Heyday. Emirates Stadium. London – Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation in conjunction with Thackeray Art Gallery.
2007. Kings & Queens. Thackeray Gallery. London.
2006. Links. The Falkirk Wheel. Falkirk.
2006. Suspended. i2 Gallery. Edinburgh.
2006. Drifter. Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, then touring.
2005. Just Walking. Thackeray Gallery. London.
2004. Alway There. i2 Gallery. Edinburgh.
2003/4. Dream Team. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, then touring
2002. Shift. Thackeray Gallery. London.
2002.   Doll.   Modern Fuel Gallery. Kingston Ontario, Canada.
2001. Moving. Thackeray Gallery. London.
1999. What Remains. Thackeray Gallery. London.
1996. Precious Few Heroes. Compass Gallery. Glasgow.
1994.  The Fool.  Compass Gallery. Glasgow.

Group Exhibitions

2010. Always Boats and Men. Open Eye Gallery. Edinburgh, with Angus Martin.
1999. About Face. Reynolds Gallery. Edinburgh, with Shelagh Atkinson.


1988-92 – BA(Hons) Fine Art, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen.